Be Careful WhatsApp Pink Scam is rising: Understanding and how to protect yourself from it

I. The WhatsApp Pink Scam: An Introduction

In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, the WhatsApp Pink Scam is the latest to make headlines. This scam, which involves a malicious, pink-themed variant of the popular messaging app WhatsApp, is designed to steal users’ personal information and data.

The scam works by circulating a ‘forwarded’ message on WhatsApp, urging users to download a new version of the app called ‘WhatsApp Pink’. The message, which conveniently includes a link to start the download, promises a refreshing pink theme and additional features to the regular app. However, despite the enticing aesthetics, this ‘exclusive update’ has a dark side. The WhatsApp Pink Scam is actually a dangerous trap set to steal personal data, including banking details, one-time passwords (OTPs), photos, and contacts once downloaded.

II. Unearthing the Scam: An Origin Story

The WhatsApp Pink Scam first emerged in April 2021, with its initial unearthing by Internet security researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia. The scam resurfaced recently, catching the attention of the Mumbai Police Cyber Crime Wing, which issued a tweet raising awareness about the scam and providing guidelines on how to stay safe. According to the tweet, the WhatsApp Pink app could infect other people’s devices, illustrating the extensive potential damage of this scam.

III. The Threat of the WhatsApp Pink Scam: A Closer Look

WhatsApp Pink Scam

The WhatsApp Pink Scam is not just an attack on individuals. It represents a potential threat to a network of contacts linked over WhatsApp. The app can access users’ contacts, making it possible for the scam to spread and infect other devices, thus amplifying the destructive reach of the scam.

IV. Safeguarding Against the WhatsApp Pink Scam: Practical Guidelines

To protect oneself from the WhatsApp Pink Scam and other similar cyber threats, it’s crucial to adopt a few safe practices. Firstly, only download and install apps from trusted sources like the Google Play Store. Apple iPhone users are generally safe from such scams as Apple does not permit the installation of applications from unknown sources.

Further, it is essential to avoid installing apps from unfamiliar websites or APKs (Android application packages) sent by unknown contacts. Always pay attention to the ‘forwarded’ label on WhatsApp as it can provide valuable context about the message’s origin.

V. How to Remove WhatsApp Pink: A Step-by-step Guide

In the unfortunate event that you’ve clicked on the link and installed the app, immediate measures need to be taken to eliminate the threat. Begin by ensuring that the app is not linked with any other devices by checking under the ‘Linked devices’ section in WhatsApp.

After installing WhatsApp Pink, the app often attempts to hide from the list of installed apps, which is why manually removing suspicious devices is a crucial step in uninstalling the app. Next, check all download folders to ensure no additional files from the download are left on your device, as these could continue to compromise your data.

Lastly, refrain from forwarding such messages to avoid spreading the scam to more users. If you’ve inadvertently spread the message, make sure to warn those who’ve received it about the WhatsApp Pink Scam.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the WhatsApp Pink Scam?

The WhatsApp Pink Scam is a cyber threat that involves a pink-themed variant of WhatsApp, designed to steal user’s personal information and data.

Q2. Who first uncovered the WhatsApp Pink Scam?

Internet security researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia first uncovered the WhatsApp Pink Scam in April 2021.

Q3. How does the WhatsApp Pink Scam spread?

The WhatsApp Pink Scam spreads through forwarded messages on WhatsApp urging users to download a pink-themed version of the app, which is a malicious app designed to steal data.

Q4. How can I protect myself from the WhatsApp Pink Scam?

Always download apps from trusted sources, avoid installing apps from unfamiliar websites or APKs, and pay attention to the ‘forwarded’ label on WhatsApp messages.

Q5. What should I do if I’ve downloaded the app involved in the WhatsApp Pink Scam?

Uninstall the app immediately, check your ‘linked devices’ section in WhatsApp, manually remove suspicious devices, and ensure no additional files are left on your device from the download.



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