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Navigating the Darkness of “Too Late by Colleen Hoover”: A Comprehensive Review

Colleen Hoover is a phenomenon that has taken the literary world by storm, selling over 20 million copies of her books. Despite her overwhelming success, she remains relatively unknown outside of her devoted fan base, which is primarily composed of young women between the ages of 15-30, particularly those active on the social media platform TikTok. This platform is largely credited with catapulting Hoover into the spotlight. Today, we delve into her dark and twisted thriller, “Too Late by Colleen Hoover,” to examine why it’s causing such a stir.

A Closer Look at the Colleen Hoover Phenomenon

Too Late by Colleen Hoover

Although Hoover’s name may not be familiar to everyone, she has established herself as one of the most successful English language authors of the current times. Notwithstanding its popularity, her book “Too Late by Colleen Hoover,” has undergone several revisions over the past decade before reaching its definitive mainstream version, much to the delight of Hoover’s completist fans.

The Intricacies of “Too Late by Colleen Hoover”

“Too Late by Colleen Hoover” is significantly darker than some of Hoover’s previous works, sharing similar themes with her 2018 book, “Verity” – a toxic take on Daphne Du Maurier’s “Rebecca.” The author herself describes “Too Late” as twisted, featuring screwed-up characters and extremely graphic situations.

The book’s narrative unfolds from three distinct perspectives: the heroine Sloan, the hero Carter, and a sociopathic villain. The villain, Asa, is a drug trafficker who manipulates Sloan into a horrifyingly abusive relationship. Carter, a noble undercover agent working to bring Asa down, falls in love with Sloan, adding a further layer of complexity to the plot.

The Dark Underbelly of “Too Late by Colleen Hoover”

While “Too Late by Colleen Hoover” fits comfortably into the genre of romantic thrillers, it’s impossible to ignore the book’s darker elements. Many passages narrated from Asa’s perspective are disturbingly graphic. The sex scenes involving Asa are unsettling, his unpredictability and violent tendencies are disturbing. His treatment of Sloan is far from erotic, including threats, choking, and detailed accounts of their sexual encounters shared with another man.

“Too Late by Colleen Hoover” in the Context of New Adult Fiction

Hoover’s books, ranging from the light romance of “November 9” to the disturbing themes of domestic violence in “It Ends with Us,” fall under the umbrella of New Adult Fiction. This genre targets post-YA readers (18-30), providing them with a heroine that mirrors them in a relatable setting, coupled with heightened adventures. “Too Late by Colleen Hoover” fits this description well, set in a generic US college town, it allows readers to insert themselves into the heroine’s role.

The Contrasts and Structure of “Too Late by Colleen Hoover”

While “Too Late by Colleen Hoover” portrays an ordinary backdrop, the plot twists are wildly imaginative. Hoover’s prose offers memorable turns of phrase, such as when Sloan is coerced by Asa to wear an engagement ring, she muses, “I didn’t know Hell had so much sparkle”.

Originally, “Too Late” was published online chapter by chapter, attracting a unique readership. Hoover has expressed how reader feedback was instrumental in refining the narrative. The current version has been substantially structured and one of the more unnerving sex scenes has been removed.

The Enduring Appeal of “Too Late by Colleen Hoover”

Despite its disturbing elements, “Too Late by Colleen Hoover” still features Hoover’s signature elements: flirtatious dialogues, a charming hero, and an idealized yet surprising heroine. It is projected to replicate the success of her previous books. Last year, her book “It Starts With Us” had an initial print run of 3 million copies.

The influence of Hoover’s books extends beyond the sphere of her dedicated fan base. She has the unique ability to rekindle a love for fiction in readers. The thrilling, page-turning pace of “Too Late by Colleen Hoover,” for instance, can evoke strong emotions and even outbursts from readers engrossed in the narrative.

Warnings and Disclaimers

However, readers should note that “Too Late by Colleen Hoover” comes with a trigger warning for “foul language, graphic sexual scenes, murder, sexual assault, and drug use.” While it offers a captivating read, the author emphasizes it is not suitable for the Young Adult category due to its graphic content.


Q1. Who is Colleen Hoover?

Colleen Hoover is a US author known for her best-selling English language novels. Her latest release is “Too Late by Colleen Hoover.”

Q2. What genre does “Too Late by Colleen Hoover” belong to?

“Too Late by Colleen Hoover” falls under the New Adult Fiction category, containing dark and twisted elements of romantic thriller.

Q3. What is unique about “Too Late by Colleen Hoover”?

“Too Late by Colleen Hoover” presents a narrative from three distinct perspectives, featuring screwed-up characters in extremely graphic situations.

Q4. What are the trigger warnings for “Too Late by Colleen Hoover”?

The book contains foul language, graphic sexual scenes, murder, sexual assault, and drug use.

Q5. Is “Too Late by Colleen Hoover” suitable for Young Adults?

Despite its gripping narrative, the author and reviewers suggest that due to its explicit content, “Too Late by Colleen Hoover” should not be placed on the Young Adult shelves.



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