Rose Bowl Music Festival 2023 Evacuated as Severe Thunderstorm Strikes

Rose Bowl Music Festival 2023 : An unforeseen thunderstorm forced the evacuation of the Rose Bowl on Saturday night, leading to the safe removal of thousands of concertgoers.

The highly anticipated Cruel World Music Festival, featuring renowned headliners like Iggy Pop, Siouxsie, Billy Idol, and more, was abruptly interrupted during Iggy Pop’s performance when lightning was spotted in close proximity to the venue.

In light of severe weather conditions, event organizers of Rose Bowl Music Festival 2023 swiftly intervened and issued a Tweet instructing attendees to promptly exit the event premises and seek refuge in their vehicles or other protected areas outside the festival site to ensure their safety. The festival was postponed indefinitely, and the public was urged to vacate the area using the nearest emergency exits.

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