Polaris Mourns the Loss of Guitarist Ryan Siew at 26

In a deeply moving Instagram post shared on June 25th, the Australian metalcore band Polaris announced the tragic death of their guitarist, Ryan Siew. Siew, a cherished member of the band, passed away on June 19, only aged 26. The cause of his untimely departure remains undisclosed.

Ryan Siew: A “Kind Hearted, Clever, and Talented” Individual

Ryan Siew was lauded as a “best friend and artistic soulmate” by his band members, depicting a profound bond between him and his mates. The band remembers him as an individual who was kind-hearted, clever, funny, brave, and extraordinarily creative.

In their public eulogy, Polaris reflected on Ryan’s diverse interests. “He loved art, and beauty in all its forms. He loved great food in great company. He loved Harry Potter and psych-thrillers and crime documentaries. He loved music, more diversely than you could ever imagine, and spoke its language in ways that only the rarest among us do,” they shared.

The Void Ryan Siew Leaves Behind

Ryan Siew

His love and admiration for his family and friends, the band added, were boundless. Ryan Siew was equally revered and cherished by a vast community of fans, leaving a vacuum that Polaris admits will never be filled. “Ryan, we will love and miss you for the rest of our days, and we will never fill the hole that you leave in all of our lives,” they expressed, sharing their sorrow.

Ryan Siew and Polaris: A Journey Cut Short

Ryan Siew joined Polaris in 2013, a year after the band was formed. They rose to fame with their debut album, “The Mortal Coil,” in 2017, followed by “The Death of Me” three years later.

The band had been looking forward to the release of their latest album, “Fatalism,” on September 1. They were on a promotional tour in Europe when the band was hit with this devastating news, prompting them to cancel further tour dates due to a “serious personal crisis in our family.”

Ryan Siew’s Battle with Health

Earlier this year, Ryan Siew posted a picture on Instagram from a hospital bed, hooked to multiple machines, sparking concerns about his health. He kept the details to a minimum, stating he was “working on himself.” Ryan spoke about overcoming depression, enduring health scares, and his road to recovery. He apologized for his silence during the challenging times and expressed gratitude for the patience and support he received.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who was Ryan Siew?

Ryan Siew was the guitarist for the Australian metalcore band Polaris.

Q2. When and how did Ryan Siew pass away?

Ryan Siew passed away on June 19, 2023. The cause of his death has not been disclosed.

Q3. What was Ryan Siew’s role in Polaris?

Ryan Siew joined Polaris in 2013 as the band’s guitarist.

Q4. What albums did Polaris release with Ryan Siew?

Polaris released two albums with Ryan Siew, “The Mortal Coil” in 2017, and “The Death of Me” in 2020.

Q5. What was the last message from Ryan Siew to his fans?

Earlier in 2023, Ryan Siew posted a picture from a hospital bed, stating he was working on himself, learning new things, growing, and recovering. He thanked his fans for their patience and support during his silent phase.



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