Net Worth of Jade Cargill 2023

Net Worth of Jade Cargill 2023: Jade Cargill is a professional wrestler and fitness model, who is best known for her appearances with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). While specific figures are not disclosed, her income sources include professional wrestling, modeling, and possibly other ventures.

Professional Wrestling Earnings

Jade Cargill made her professional wrestling debut with AEW in 2020. Given the growing popularity of AEW, it’s likely that she earns a considerable amount from her wrestling career. However, specific figures are not publicly available as wrestling contracts often vary greatly and are not typically disclosed.

Fitness Modeling Earnings

Before entering the world of professional wrestling, Cargill was a fitness model. The income from this line of work varies greatly based on contracts and the number of assignments. This would have added to her net worth prior to her wrestling career and possibly continues to do so. Although Cargill had a successful run as a fitness model, her income and net worth from that period are not publicly available. As mentioned earlier, the income for fitness models can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors.

As a professional wrestler, Jade Cargill has shown great promise. As of my last update in September 2021, her career trajectory seems to indicate a bright future in wrestling and it will be interesting to see how her career evolves.

Net Worth of Jade Cargill 2023

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Other Possible Earnings

Jade Cargill is also a certified trainer and has a background in business administration, which could open up other potential income streams. However, details regarding these potential earnings are not publicly available.

Factors Influencing Jade Cargill’s Net Worth

  • Wrestling Contracts: The terms of her contract with AEW will greatly influence her net worth.
  • Modeling Assignments: Income from modeling contracts can vary greatly, but would contribute to her overall net worth.
  • Other Ventures: Any additional income from personal training, sponsorships, or other business ventures would also contribute to her net worth.

Conclusion of Net Worth of Jade Cargill 2023

While Jade Cargill’s exact net worth is not publicly available as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, her income as a professional wrestler and fitness model would contribute to her overall financial standing. For the most accurate and current information on Jade Cargill’s net worth, it is recommended to refer to the most recent financial publications or websites.


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