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Meta Updates Threads App With New Features

Meta Updates Threads App With New Features: Meta, previously known as Facebook, has rolled out the first significant feature update to its newly launched application, Threads. The social media giant launched this app earlier in July 2023, and within a matter of two weeks, the app has been updated with new functionalities. Cameron Roth, a software engineer for Instagram, announced this development through a post on Threads.

Feature Updates of Meta 

Roth has revealed several new features as part of an iOS update for the Threads app. One of the major additions is a ‘follows’ tab, which will allow users to easily see who is following them. This feature enhances user interaction and promotes a sense of community within the app.

Another important addition is a translate button. This feature caters to the global user base of the app by allowing users to read text in different languages. Users can now easily read and engage with posts from people they don’t follow, effectively breaking down language barriers.

Initial Success and Challenges for Meta

Upon its launch, Threads had an impressive start with Meta reporting a record-breaking 100 million sign-ups within just five days. However, according to data from Sensor Tower and Similar web, the growth and user engagement on the platform seemed to wane in the following week. This indicates the challenges Threads might face in maintaining its user base and engagement levels.

Future Expectations for Meta

Advertisers are keeping a close watch on the development of Threads. They are hopeful that future updates will incorporate more features such as chronological feeds and the ability to search for hashtags. These additions, according to advertisers, could significantly boost their ad campaigns once Meta opens up the opportunity for advertising on Threads.

User Experience of Meta

Roth, in his Threads post, advised users who want to experience these new features to restart the app or wait until the end of the day due to the system of server-delivered flags that Meta uses. This system might take some time to fully roll out the updates, suggesting Meta’s focus on ensuring a smooth user experience during updates.

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Conclusion of Meta Updates Threads App With New Features

The feature update of Threads signifies Meta’s proactive approach in enhancing user experience and catering to user demands. While the app’s initial success is noteworthy, its real challenge lies in sustaining growth and engagement. How Meta navigates these challenges and how it will incorporate advertiser’s needs into the app will determine the future of Threads.


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