Melissa Roxburgh Dating: Delving into the Love Life of the Talented Actress”

Melissa Roxburgh Dating: A young actress who is gaining fans every day. Her roles in the series that she has acted in are very flattering. Her roles are primarily accurate and relatable. Melissa Roxburgh is an actress known for her role in Manifest. She has starred in movies like Star Trek Beyond and The Marine.

While fans are naturally curious about her personal life, Melissa Roxburgh focuses on her career at this stage. Currently single, she dedicates herself to honing her craft and delivering captivating performances for her audience. Books are a part of life. Some books that we loved in our childhood have still stayed with us. These books are never forgotten as these were the ones who brightened our time during those days. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid is the same to many of us. It is a book series written by Jeff Kinney. The story of Greg, Rodrick and Manny has stayed with us even after years. Melissa Roxburgh was a part of the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid movies.

Personal Life

Roxburgh’s acting prowess extends beyond the silver screen. Melissa Roxburgh has made a lasting impact on television through her captivating guest appearances on highly acclaimed shows. Melissa Roxburgh maintains a private personal life despite her rising fame and devoted fan base. She deliberately keeps details about her dating life away from the public, leaving fans intrigued about her romantic relationships. While there may be speculations and rumours surrounding her love life, Melissa remains focused on her career and values her privacy regarding personal matters.

Is Melissa Roxburgh Dating Anyone?


According to available records, Melissa Roxburgh, the Canadian film and television actress, is currently single. This breakout role allowed her to showcase her acting abilities and was a stepping stone to subsequent success. Roxburgh has established herself as a skilled and promising actor with the capacity to fascinate audiences on both the big and small screens. Her continuing involvement in cinema and television ventures will undoubtedly contribute to her increasing success and solidify her position as a noteworthy figure in the industry.


While fans are naturally curious about her personal life, Melissa Roxburgh prefers to keep her dating status private. As of my knowledge, the cutoff was in September 2021, and there were no reports of her being in a relationship. Roxburgh focuses on her career and dedicates herself to honing her acting abilities rather than discussing her affairs publicly.

Melissa Roxburgh continues to impress industry peers and fans with her dedication and passion for acting. As she turns her attention to future projects, audiences eagerly anticipate her upcoming roles and her impressive career growth.

With Melissa Roxburgh’s 31st birthday approaching later this year, she remains dedicated to her professional growth and exciting opportunities. With every new endeavour, Roxburgh showcases her range and versatility, captivating viewers and establishing her presence in the industry.

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Melissa Roxburgh has carved a niche in the entertainment industry through her remarkable talent and dedication. Melissa Roxburgh, the Canadian actress, previously dated Andrew Jenkins, a fellow Canadian actor and screenwriter. They began their relationship in 2017 but eventually parted ways. Melissa shared pictures of their time on social media, offering glimpses into their happy moments. Their romance sparked on the set of the movie Lost Solace, and they posted their first public photo as a couple in June 2017. However, their last shared photos on Instagram featuring each other date back to December. Both Melissa Roxburgh and Andrew Jenkins have since moved on.

Her breakthrough moment arrived with the role of Heather Hills in the 2012 family comedy “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.” Melissa’s portrayal of the character showcased her undeniable talent and versatility, capturing the attention of both audiences and industry insiders. This pivotal role served as a launching pad for her subsequent accomplishments, setting the stage for her continued success in acting.


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