Markiplier Net Worth: American Actor, Writer, Producer, Director, and YouTube Personality

Markiplier Net Worth: With over 34 million subscribers and nearly 20 billion views on his YouTube channel, Markiplier has established himself as a prominent figure in the online entertainment realm. His channel consistently ranks among the Top 100 most subscribed channels on YouTube, and he is particularly renowned for his comedic gameplay commentary. Markiplier’s expertise lies in “Let’s Play” gameplay videos, often featuring survival horror and action video game titles.

In addition to his online success, Markiplier has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. He showcased his acting prowess in the 2015 film “Smosh: The Movie” and took on the roles of actor, writer, and director in the 2019 YouTube Premium movie “A Heist With Markiplier.” Moreover, he co-founded the fashion brand Cloak alongside fellow YouTuber Jacksepticeye in 2018. Markiplier’s versatility extends to the world of podcasts, where he co-hosts “3 Peens in a Podcast” and “Distractible.” Additionally, in 2019, he starred in and co-produced the episodic audio drama “Edge of Sleep.”


Markiplier Net Worth

Markiplier, the multi-talented American actor, writer, producer, director, and YouTube personality, has amassed a substantial net worth throughout his illustrious career. Currently, his estimated net worth stands at an impressive $35 million, cementing his status as one of the highest-paid and most popular YouTube stars worldwide.

Markiplier’s YouTube success has translated into substantial earnings. His annual income ranges from $10 to $20 million, consistently placing him among the highest-earning personalities on the platform. Notably, he earned $12.5 million in 2017 and $17.5 million in 2018, securing the sixth spot among the world’s highest-paid YouTube stars. In 2019, Markiplier’s earnings amounted to $13 million, and in 2020, he achieved a staggering $20 million, ranking him third on the global list of highest-paid YouTubers. These figures reflect a total earning surpassing $60 million between 2017 and 2020 alone.

In 2022, Markiplier’s financial success garnered recognition from Forbes, which listed him as the third highest-paid content creator on YouTube, with reported earnings of $38 million for the year.

Early Life

Markiplier’s journey began on June 28, 1989, as Mark Edward Fischbach in Honolulu, Hawaii. Shortly after his birth, his family relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he attended Milford High School. During his school years, Markiplier showcased his musical talent by playing the trumpet in the marching band. Despite facing financial hardships during his youth, he often humorously references those experiences. While initially pursuing biomedical engineering at the University of Cincinnati, Markiplier decided to drop out and dedicate himself fully to his burgeoning YouTube career. Notably, Markiplier has an older brother named Jason, who has made a name for himself as an artist through the creation of the web comic “Twokinds.”

Apart from his professional achievements, Markiplier is actively involved in philanthropic endeavors. In 2018, he initiated a successful GoFundMe campaign to cover the funeral costs for his step-niece, raising over $79,000. He has participated in numerous charity fundraisers and livestreams, contributing to the generation of approximately $3 million for various charitable causes. Markiplier supports causes such as cancer research, advocates for stricter gun control laws, universal healthcare, and LGBT rights. Furthermore, in 2020, he used his platform to speak out against the murder of George Floyd.


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Markiplier’s impact and influence have earned him accolades and nominations in the entertainment industry. He has received several Streamy Awards nominations and won the Purpose Award for Social Good – Creator in 2019, as well as the Scripted Series award for “A Heist with Markiplier” in 2020. The Make-A-Wish Foundation named him Celebrity of the Year in 2016, and the Cancer Research Institute awarded him the Oliver R. Grace Award for Distinguished Service in Advancing Cancer Research in 2020. Markiplier has also been honored with a Diamond Creator Award/YouTube Creator Reward at the 2016 YouTube Creator Awards and a Golden Joystick Award for Best Streamer/Broadcaster in 2017. His achievements extend to nominations from the Kids’ Choice Awards, Shorty Awards, and The Game Awards, among others. In 2022, he won two Streamy Awards for Show of the Year (In Space with Markiplier) and Scripted Series (In Space with Markiplier).

Real Estate And Markiplier Net Worth

Markiplier’s success is evident not only in his professional endeavors but also in his real estate ventures. In April 2021, he acquired a property in the La Cañada Flintridge area of Los Angeles for $4 million. The impressive 3,279 square foot home boasts three bedrooms, floor-to-ceiling windows, a swimming pool, and a cabana. Previously owned by Donald Glover, who purchased it for $2.7 million in 2016, the property underwent renovations by designer Barbara Bestor.


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