Lyme Disease in Bella Hadid’s Family

Lyme Disease in Bella Hadid’s Family: Famed supermodel Bella Hadid recently took to social media to share her long journey of battling Lyme Disease. The 26-year-old model revealed that she had been suffering from the illness for 15 years, finally reaching a state of health she identifies as ‘finally healthy.’ This candid disclosure sparked discussions about the nature of Lyme Disease, its impacts, and whether it can be hereditary.

The Long Battle with Lyme Disease

Bella Hadid’s fight against Lyme Disease started in her childhood, with over a decade of her life marred by the impacts of this complex illness. Lyme Disease had largely remained a silent tormentor, inflicting what Bella calls “15 years of invisible suffering.” Her social media posts displayed her journey through the disease, showing various treatments she underwent. They were a testament to her perseverance and will to never give up on herself, inspiring many others battling similar challenges.

Lyme Disease in the Hadid Family

Interestingly, Bella is not the only member of the Hadid family to have contracted Lyme Disease. Her mother, Yolanda Hadid, and her brother, Anwar Hadid, have also shared their struggles with the disease in public. The simultaneous suffering of three members of the same family naturally leads to questions about the hereditary nature of Lyme Disease. However, despite the coincidence, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that Lyme Disease can be passed down through families.

Understanding Lyme Disease

Understanding Lyme Disease is key to debunking misconceptions around its hereditary nature. Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection transmitted through the bite of infected black-legged ticks, as stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). While it impacts hundreds of thousands of Americans annually, it does not follow the patterns of genetic diseases. Nevertheless, the CDC does acknowledge that untreated Lyme Disease during pregnancy may lead to the fetus’s infection, but such occurrences are relatively rare.

Effects of Lyme Disease: A Personal Encounter

The effects of Lyme Disease can significantly vary among individuals. Bella’s struggle with Lyme Disease highlights this variability. According to the U.K.’s National Health Service, early symptoms of Lyme Disease can manifest as a circular or oval rash around a tick bite, coupled with “flu-like symptoms” such as fever, headaches, muscle pain, and lethargy. 

In Bella’s case, her Lyme Disease diagnosis was accompanied by numerous complications, including fatigue, attention deficit disorder, memory disturbances, headaches, disequilibrium, PMS, chest pain, and sleep disorders. Her Instagram post documents her undergoing over “100+ days of Lyme, chronic disease, co-infection treatment” to alleviate her suffering.

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Conclusion of Lyme Disease in Bella Hadid’s Family

While it is evident that Lyme Disease impacted three members of the Hadid family severely, it is crucial to note that it does not qualify as a hereditary disease. Yolanda Hadid, the matriarch, has been vocal about her experiences with Lyme Disease for several years. 

In a 2016 blog post, Yolanda revealed that Bella and Anwar were diagnosed with Lyme Disease back in 2013 and had been under extensive holistic treatment ever since. In an attempt to explain why multiple family members contracted the disease, Yolanda reflected on their lifestyle, noting, “The children and I lived on a horse ranch in Santa Barbara for 10 years and spent the majority of our time outside in nature.” 



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