Kanye West’s Twitter Account Reinstated by X

Kanye West’s Twitter Account Reinstated by X: X, the platform previously known as Twitter, has reactivated Kanye West’s account, though it will not be monetized, and no ads will appear next to his posts, according to the company.

Background on Suspension

The account of the musician, who has legally changed his name to Ye, was suspended last December for violations that included inciting violence. Multiple antisemitic comments and threats were a part of the violations. This behavior led to the collapse of several business deals with brands like Adidas and Balenciaga.

Controversial Tweet Before Suspension

A day before his suspension, West posted an altered image that combined the Star of David with a swastika, though CNN was unable to confirm if this tweet was the final catalyst for the suspension.

Elon Musk’s Stance on Free Speech

Elon Musk, Twitter’s CEO and a known advocate for free speech, stated after acquiring the company that Twitter would be very cautious with deletions and permanent bans. Despite this, he acknowledged that West violated the platform’s rule against incitement to violence.

Twitter’s New Content Enforcement Strategy

Twitter’s safety team unveiled a strategy called “Freedom of Speech, Not Reach” in April. This plan focuses on limiting the visibility of tweets that violate their policies, and part of it involves preventing ads from appearing next to content labeled as violating.

Impact of the New Strategy

According to the safety team’s recent update, labeled tweets now receive 81% fewer impressions, with more than 99.99% of impressions coming from non-violating content.

Twitter’s Violent Speech Policy

Twitter’s policy against violent speech includes prohibiting the incitement and glorification of violence but allows exceptions for figures of speech, satire, or artistic expression when expressing a viewpoint rather than advocating violence or harm.

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Unclear Circumstances of Reactivation

It remains uncertain whether West’s account reactivation resulted from an appeal or some other factor. West has not yet posted on the platform since its reactivation, and neither Twitter nor West’s representative has responded to CNN’s inquiry regarding the matter.

Conclusion of Kanye West’s Twitter Account Reinstated by X

Kanye West’s Twitter account reactivation by X, following its rebranding and amid the platform’s renewed commitment to free speech principles under Elon Musk’s leadership, raises questions about the balance between freedom of expression and responsible content moderation. The exact reasons for West’s account reactivation remain unclear.


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