Jets’ Center Showdown Connor McGovern vs. New Faces

Jets’ Center Showdown Connor McGovern vs. New Faces: The New York Jets have found a dynamic new weapon in Aaron Rodgers, creating excitement in their camp. While this significant addition creates massive buzz, one of the crucial questions for the Jets as they approach the season is who will be their starting center. Veteran Connor McGovern, who has anchored the Jets’ offensive line since 2020, is undoubtedly one of the top contenders for the position. However, the presence of the newly drafted Joe Tippmann and signed veterans Wes Schweitzer and Trystan Colon makes the fight for the center spot an intriguing and uncertain battle.

Connor McGovern’s Consistent Role and New Challenge

Connor McGovern, a seasoned player who first arrived at the Jets in 2020, re-signed with the team in the offseason. His continued presence in the Jets’ lineup, especially in light of his performance in the early camp, pegs him as the favorite to maintain his starting position. 

McGovern re-signed with the Jets on a one-year, $1.9 million deal in April, a move that surprised both him and the team, given how late he was still available. Conscious of the challenge he faces for the center position, McGovern says he is prepared to embrace the competition. He said, “I’m happy to meet the challenges and embrace the competition. It does nothing but make you better, makes Tip better, Wes better, or Trystan better. We’re all fighting for our livelihood, backs in the corner. So it’s definitely a challenge that I’ve enjoyed.”

The Competition: Tippmann, Schweitzer, and Colon

Adding intrigue to the starting center position contest is the drafting of Joe Tippmann from Wisconsin. The Jets picked the 6-foot-6 center in the second round, adding more muscle to their offensive line. Veterans Wes Schweitzer and Trystan Colon also joined the Jets, further bolstering the depth of their offensive line.

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Head Coach Robert Saleh Weighs In

Jets’ head coach, Robert Saleh, appreciates the challenge Connor McGovern brings to the team and acknowledges the important role he plays. He also remarked on McGovern’s understanding of professional football, saying, “Connor’s by far the most comfortable. But it’s, ‘We’re all going to get an equal opportunity to get that job.’ ”

Conclusion of Jets’ Center Showdown Connor McGovern vs. New Faces

Drafted by the Broncos in the fifth round in 2016, Connor McGovern later signed a three-year, $27 million deal with the Jets in 2020. His recent re-signing coincided with Rodgers finalizing his contract, overshadowing McGovern’s move. However, McGovern doesn’t seem fazed, instead expressing his excitement to work with a future Hall of Famer like Rodgers. “It’s been amazing. … I love the mental aspect of this game, the mental side of it, how far you can take it, the scheme and cadences, and all that kind of crazy stuff. To watch him master that is incredible, learned a ton from him already and we’re just getting started,” McGovern said.


Q1. Who is the likely candidate to be the starting center for the Jets?

A1. Connor McGovern, the veteran player, is considered a favorite due to his consistent performance and familiarity with the team. However, the addition of Joe Tippmann, Wes Schweitzer, and Trystan Colon makes the competition for the position intense and unpredictable.

Q2. When did Connor McGovern first join the Jets?

A2. Connor McGovern first joined the New York Jets in 2020 when he signed a three-year, $27 million deal with the team.

Q3. Who are the new additions to the Jets’ team competing for the center position?

A3. The New York Jets have recently drafted Joe Tippmann from Wisconsin and signed veterans Wes Schweitzer and Trystan Colon. All these players will be competing for the center position against Connor McGovern.

Q4. What are head coach Robert Saleh’s thoughts on the competition for the center position?

A4. Head coach Robert Saleh appreciates the veteran presence and familiarity Connor McGovern brings to the team. However, he emphasized that every player, including McGovern, Tippmann, Schweitzer, and Colon, would get an equal opportunity to vie for the starting center job.

Q5. What does Connor McGovern think about the chance to work with Aaron Rodgers?

A5. Connor McGovern has expressed his excitement about working with a future Hall of Famer like Aaron Rodgers. He appreciates the mental aspects of the game and finds the opportunity to learn from Rodgers incredibly rewarding.


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