Is Kelsea Ballerini Dating Kenny Chesney ? Debunking the Rumors

Is Kelsea Ballerini and Kenny Chesney dating? Speculation about their relationship has been circulating on the internet, leaving fans curious about a possible romance between the two country music stars. Let’s delve into their background before addressing these rumors.

Kelsea Ballerini, a renowned country pop singer from Mascot, has released several popular singles such as “Miss Me More,” “Love Me Like You Mean It,” “Legends,” “WHAT I HAVE,” and “Better Luck Next Time.” Last year, she also dropped the album “Subject to Change,” which featured the hit song “LOVE IS A COWBOY.”


Kenny Chesney, on the other hand, is a highly successful country artist known for his chart-topping tracks like “There Goes My Life,” “Come Over,” “Knowing You,” “Get Along,” “All The Pretty Girls,” and “Somewhere With You.” His versatile talent has earned him six Grammy Award nominations.

Fans heightened the speculation about Kelsea Ballerini and Kenny Chesney’s relationship after it was announced that Kelsea would be the special guest on Kenny’s #IGoBackTour 2023. However, this does not necessarily indicate a romantic involvement between them.

Contrary to the rumors, Kenny Chesney and Kelsea Ballerini are not dating. In fact, they share a close “brother-sister” bond and can be considered as siblings in the industry. Kenny is romantically linked to Mary Nolan, while Kelsea maintains a friendly relationship with him.

Although fans have taken to social media to discuss and make assumptions about their relationship, neither Kelsea nor Kenny has made any comments regarding the rumors. It is clear, though, that they are good friends who enjoy working together and might collaborate again in the future.


It’s important to note that just because two professionals in the same field have a friendly rapport and collaborate, it does not mean they are romantically involved. Such assumptions are baseless and hold no meaning.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that Kenny Chesney was previously the subject of rumors regarding his sexual orientation. However, he debunked those rumors by clarifying that his short-lived marriage to Renee was a result of not being ready for the responsibilities of marriage at the time.

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