Is Jayson Tatum Married?Exploring His Dating History and Relationship Status

Are you curious about Jayson Tatum’s marital status and who his wife might be? The rising superstar of the Boston Celtics, Jayson Tatum, has taken the NBA by storm with his exceptional skills on the court. Despite his young age, Tatum displays a level of talent that surpasses his years. Let’s delve into whether Jayson Tatum is currently married and if so, to whom.

Is Jayson Tatum Married?

No, Jayson Tatum is not married yet. Fans eagerly await news about his wedding and the identity of his future wife. However, he has been in a long-term relationship with a woman.

Born in Missouri twenty-one years ago, Tatum comes from a family that includes a sister named Kayden and a brother named Jaycob Tatum. He excelled in athletics during his high school years, which eventually led him to his current position with the Boston Celtics.

Having joined the NBA Draft two years ago, Tatum signed with the Boston Celtics organization. As a rookie, he made an impressive debut by scoring 20 points and becoming the first player to score 25 points in a playoff game. Jayson Tatum played a crucial role in the Celtics’ 2018 NBA playoff run.


Jayson Tatum’s Wife : Is Jayson Tatum Married?

Since Jayson Tatum is not yet married, he does not have a wife at the moment. It is worth noting that many professional athletes in the NFL and NBA tend to marry at a young age, adding to their intriguing stories.

Numerous athletes form relationships with women who support their careers during high school, college, and beyond. While Jayson Tatum does not currently have a wife, he has been dating a woman for a significant period.

Jayson’s Relationship: Is Jayson Tatum Married?

Popular Among Women Although Jayson Tatum is unmarried, there have been rumors of his involvement with singer Ella Mai. According to a source, Tatum reportedly traveled by plane to see Ella Mai perform in Baltimore. While their relationship has not been publicly confirmed, his attendance at the concert has caught attention. On the basketball court, Jayson Tatum is undoubtedly a hero, which naturally attracts interest from the opposite sex.

It is worth mentioning that Jayson has a history of dating multiple women simultaneously, leading to conflicts with former partners and the mother of his child.


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Jayson’s Previous Girlfriend

During their sophomore years of college, Jayson Tatum met his former girlfriend, Samie Amos. Samie played volleyball for Duke, but unfortunately, their relationship did not work out. In 2018, she posted an Instagram image tagging Jayson Christopher Tatum, addressing their breakup.

Samie openly expressed her feelings of being played and betrayed by Jayson. However, she later removed the Instagram post a few days after sharing it.

Relationship with Toriah Lachelle

In contrast to his previous relationship, Jayson Tatum found a new girlfriend named Toriah Lachelle. Toriah replaced Samie Amos as Tatum’s partner, and they eventually had a child together.

Jayson Tatum has been dating Toriah Lachelle since their high school days. Their relationship has remained strong as Jayson transitioned from Duke to the NBA.


Who Is Jayson Tatum’s Son’s Mother?

The mother of Jayson Tatum’s child is Toriah Lachelle. Despite not being married, Jayson Tatum and Toriah are proud parents of a son named Jayson Tatum Jr. Their son was born on December 7, 2017, the same day Jayson contributed a double-double to the Celtics’ victory over the Mavericks.


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