Incidents in South Lake Tahoe

Incidents in South Lake Tahoe: As the summer days roll on, so too does the work of the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office in South Lake Tahoe. From civil incidents to search and rescue operations, they diligently respond to calls throughout the county. While not every incident is recorded, the provided logs shed light on occurrences on the South and West Shore, which includes Meyers, South Lake Tahoe, Meeks Bay, Tahoma, and the Echo Summit area. Here’s a detailed report on the various incidents handled by the Sheriff’s Office from June 29 to July 12, 2023.

Handling Civil Incidents

On June 29, four civil incidents took place in South Lake Tahoe. Notable among these were the incidents on Bobby Grey Cir, Merced Ave, Tallac Ave, and Lake Tahoe Blvd, resolved effectively by law enforcement officers.

Maintaining Public Order

On the same day, a suspicious vehicle report was received from Cold Creek Trl, South Lake Tahoe. The sheriff’s office was also notified of an ordinance violation at the same location later that night. In both instances, officers assisted promptly to ensure public safety.

Theft and Vandalism Report

Several theft and vandalism reports came from around Lake Tahoe over the next few days. These included a grand theft report from Tahoe Valley Campground on Melba Dr, and vandalism reported at Camp Rich Bike/Ski on State Hwy 89, both in South Lake Tahoe.

Search and Rescue Efforts

On July 4, a search and rescue operation was conducted at Emerald Bay on State Hwy 89 in South Lake Tahoe, where the Sheriff’s office provided assistance. Another search and rescue operation occurred at Eagle Falls Trailhead on State Hwy 89 in South Lake Tahoe on July 8.

Ordinance Violation and Disturbance Reports

Lake Tahoe saw multiple ordinance violations and disturbances reported over these two weeks. Particularly noteworthy was a party disturbance report on Cold Creek Trl in South Lake Tahoe, and a noise disturbance in progress at Snowshoe Thompson Dr/Hank Monk Ave, in South Lake Tahoe.

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Domestic Violence Reports

Two incidents of domestic violence were reported, with the first taking place on July 6 on San Diego St, South Lake Tahoe. The second occurred on July 8 on Elks Club Dr, also in South Lake Tahoe. Officers responded promptly, leading to an arrest in the latter case.

Conclusion of Incidents in South Lake Tahoe

These two weeks have been eventful for the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office, illustrating the dedication of the officers who work tirelessly to keep South Lake Tahoe and the surrounding areas safe. The Sheriff’s Office continues to monitor the area, respond to incidents, and serve the Lake Tahoe community.


Q: How often does the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office respond to incidents in South Lake Tahoe?

A: The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office responds to incidents in South Lake Tahoe and surrounding areas daily, according to the logs provided.

Q: What type of incidents are commonly reported in South Lake Tahoe?

A: Incidents vary widely, ranging from civil incidents to ordinance violations, disturbances, theft, vandalism, and domestic violence cases.

Q: Are there many search and rescue operations in Lake Tahoe?

A: Search and rescue operations do occur, particularly in the summer months when more people are out and about in the Lake Tahoe area.

Q: What is the usual outcome of domestic violence reports in South Lake Tahoe?

A: The response to domestic violence cases varies based on the specific circumstances. In the incidents reported in this log, one led to an arrest, while the other resulted in a report being taken.




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