ICAI CA Inter and Final May 2023 Exam Results Declared: Here’s What You Need to Know

ICAI CA Inter and Final May 2023 Exam Results Declared

It’s a day filled with excitement and anticipation! The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has declared the much-awaited results of the ICAI CA Inter and Final Examinations held in May 2023. This news is music to the ears of all candidates who undertook these examinations, as they can now check their results on the official ICAI website,

The Importance of ICAI CA Examinations

Understanding Chartered Accountancy

Chartered Accountancy, an elite professional degree coveted by many, holds great significance in the field of finance and business. It’s a validation of one’s prowess in accounting, taxation, auditing, and financial management. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

Role of ICAI

ICAI, being the only licensing body for Chartered Accountants in India, has a crucial role in upholding the integrity of the profession. By conducting these rigorous exams, they ensure that only the cream of the crop are permitted to carry the ‘CA’ prefix before their names.

ICAI CA May 2023 Examination

3.1. Exam Overview

The ICAI CA Inter and Final exams, which happened in May 2023, attracted a large number of aspiring accountants from across the country. A blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, these exams assess the candidate’s proficiency in diverse areas of accountancy.3.2. Exam Dates and Schedule

The exams kicked off on May 2 and ended on May 18, 2023, taking place at various centers nationwide. Remember the flurry of activity during those weeks?

ICAI CA Inter and Final May 2023 Exam Results:

ICAI CA Inter and Final May 2023 Exam Results

 Announcement Details

The ICAI declared the results on July 5, 2023, bringing an end to the waiting game. The announcement read, “The results of the Chartered Accountants Final and Intermediate Examination held in May 2023 are likely to be declared on Wednesday, the 05th July 2023 and the same can be accessed by candidates on the website”

ICAI CA Inter and Final May 2023 Exam Results

The process to check the results is straightforward. Candidates simply need to enter their registration numbers along with their roll numbers on the official ICAI website. Voila! Your results are just a few clicks away.

 Where to check Results

You need to visit: here

Updates on Toppers and Details

Keep an eye out for updates on toppers and other details following the results announcement. It’s always inspiring to learn about the high achievers, don’t you think?

ICAI CA Inter result: 10.24% pass both groups

Group I

Appeared: 100781


Pass percentage:18.95 %

Group II

Appeared: 81956


Pass percentage: 23.44 %

Both groups

Appeared: 39195

Pass: 4014

Pass percentage: 10.24 %


With the results now declared, the ICAI CA Inter and Final Exams May 2023 conclude, marking a significant milestone in the journey of many aspirants. Whether you’re celebrating your success or contemplating your next steps, remember, this is just a step in your long professional journey.


Q.1 When were the ICAI CA Inter and Final Exams 2023?
The exams took place from May 2 to May 18, 2023.

Q.2 Where can I check the results for the ICAI CA Inter and Final Exams?
You can check your results on the official ICAI website

Q.3 What information is required to check the results?
You will need your registration number and roll number to check the results.

Q. 4 When were the results declared?
The results were declared on July 5, 2023.

Q.5 Where can I find updates on toppers and other details?
Updates on toppers and other details can be found on the official ICAI blog.



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