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Google Doodle Celebrates Zarina Hashmi

Google Doodle Celebrates Zarina Hashmi: On 16th July, Google Doodle celebrated Zarina Hashmi, an Indian-American artist, and printmaker who has etched her name in the annals of art history. Born in 1937 in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, Google chose to honor Hashmi on her 86th birthday with a special doodle, reflecting her artistic legacy. The choice to mark the Google Doodle celebration of Zarina Hashmi underlines the tech giant’s recognition of groundbreaking artists and their contributions.

Zarina Hashmi: The Powerhouse of Minimalism

Widely acknowledged for her association with the minimalist movement, Hashmi’s work is characterized by the use of abstract and geometric shapes. The Google Doodle celebrating Zarina Hashmi provides a perfect homage to her unique artistic style. Zarina’s art was a personal reflection, often drawing upon her experiences with displacement, borders, and memory to create poignant pieces that resonated deeply with audiences worldwide. 

 Zarina Hashmi’s Formative Years

Google’s doodle tribute highlights a major turning point in Hashmi’s life when her family was displaced during the partition in 1947 and forced to relocate to Karachi, Pakistan. This theme of displacement would later emerge as a recurring motif in her artwork. At the age of 21, Zarina Hashmi married a young diplomat, which allowed her to travel to various countries like Bangkok, Paris, and Japan. These travels greatly influenced her work, introducing her to printmaking and artistic movements such as modernism and abstraction.

Zarina Hashmi in New York

The Google Doodle celebrates Zarina Hashmi’s move to New York City in 1977, marking a new phase in her life and career. Here, Hashmi became a fervent advocate for women and artists of color, joining the ‘Heresies Collective,’ a feminist publication exploring themes of art, politics, and social justice. The tech giant acknowledged Hashmi’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the art world through this doodle.

Zarina Hashmi’s Influence and Legacy

Beyond her personal artistry, Hashmi was also an educator and curator. She taught at the New York Feminist Art Institute and co-curated a significant exhibition in 1980 at A.I.R. Gallery called ‘Dialectics of Isolation: An Exhibition of Third World Women Artists of the United States.’ Google emphasized the importance of this exhibition, as it created a platform for female artists of color and showcased diverse works. 

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The Art of Zarina Hashmi: A Language of Symbols

Hashmi’s woodcuts and intaglio prints stand as a testament to her unique artistry. The Google Doodle celebrating Zarina Hashmi highlights her semi-abstract depictions of houses and cities where she lived, demonstrating her ability to transform personal experiences into universal symbols. Zarina Hashmi’s art continues to resonate with audiences even after her passing in 2020, ensuring that her legacy lives on.


Q: What did Google Doodle celebrate on 16th July?

A: Google Doodle celebrated the 86th birth anniversary of Zarina Hashmi, an Indian-American artist known for her association with the minimalist movement.

Q: What are some prominent themes in Zarina Hashmi’s work?

A: Zarina Hashmi’s art prominently features themes of home, displacement, borders, and memory.

Q: What movements was Zarina Hashmi associated with?

A: Zarina Hashmi was associated with the minimalist movement, and she was also deeply involved in modernism and abstraction.

Q: What was one of Zarina Hashmi’s significant contributions to the art community in New York?

A: Zarina Hashmi co-curated a groundbreaking exhibition at A.I.R. Gallery in 1980, providing a platform for female artists of color.




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