Fernando Ortiz Resigns from America after Clausura 2023 Semi-Final Loss to Chivas

Fernando Ortiz: After suffering a defeat against Chivas in the semi-finals of the Clausura 2023, Argentina’s coach, Fernando ‘Tano’ Ortiz, made the decision to resign from America. The loss against Chivas marked the end of his tenure as the leader of the Eagles.

Addressing the press, Coach Fernando Ortiz acknowledged Chivas’ superior performance and congratulated them on reaching the finals. He also expressed his gratitude to the club and bid farewell, stating, “For me and my coaching staff, our journey with the institution has come to a close. Good night and thank you for everything.” The final score of the match was 3-1 in favor of Chivas. (2)

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Following two consecutive semi-final losses in the Clausura 2023, Fernando ‘Tano’ Ortiz opted not to renew his contract with America. Despite initially appearing promising in the series against Rosyblancos, with a 1-0 victory in the first leg at Akron Stadium and a draw in the second leg at Azteca Stadium, the team ultimately succumbed to Chivas’ response, losing 3-2 on aggregate, including a 3-1 defeat at Estadio Azteca. This turn of events prompted the coach to make his departure official during the press conference.

Having taken over from Santiago Solari, Fernando Ortiz guided America through three tournaments, accumulating an impressive record of 55 matches at the top, scoring 113 goals. His overall performance stood at 32 wins, 14 draws, and nine losses, with a goal difference of 59. Notably, Ortiz achieved an efficiency rate of 67% during his tenure and experienced semi-final eliminations in all three leagues he led.

The last time America reached the final was in the 2019 Apertura tournament under the guidance of Miguel Herrera. Following Herrera’s departure, Santiago Solari took charge but resigned due to poor results. Subsequently, Fernando Ortiz joined as an interim coach and eventually signed a permanent contract after successfully leading the Eagles.


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