Dodgers Celebrate Kobe Bryant with Special Jerseys

Dodgers Celebrate Kobe Bryant with Special Jerseys: In the heart of the City of Angels, two of its most cherished sports franchises, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Los Angeles Lakers, have historically commanded respect and adoration. This year, in a moving tribute to one of the city’s fallen sons, the Dodgers have announced they will honor the Lakers’ late superstar, Kobe Bryant, by distributing Kobe Bryant-themed jerseys to their fans. 

The Tribute to a Hero: Kobe Bryant-themed Jerseys

To commemorate Bryant’s profound influence on the city’s sports culture and beyond, the Dodgers have chosen to create a special edition baseball jersey. These Kobe Bryant-themed jerseys, the centerpiece of the team’s Lakers Night promotion, are a fusion of both the Dodgers and Lakers legacies. They blend the traditional Dodger blue with the Lakers’ signature purple and gold, alongside Bryant’s iconic numbers, 8 and 24.

The Kobe Bryant-themed jerseys are designed in black, symbolizing the ‘Black Mamba’, Bryant’s revered nickname. The jerseys carry the Dodgers’ traditional script logo across the chest, while the front features Bryant’s first Lakers number, 8. In a poignant nod to the latter part of his career, his second Lakers number, 24, is emblazoned on the back. 

Celebrating the ‘Black Mamba’ Legacy 

The design of the Kobe Bryant-themed jerseys doesn’t stop at the color scheme and numbers. To truly honor the ‘Black Mamba’, the jersey material has been printed to resemble the scales of a snake’s skin, evocative of the Lakers’ commemorative jerseys worn in the NBA bubble following Bryant’s death. This intricate detail, paying homage to Kobe’s persona on the court, adds depth to the tribute.

Bryant was a stalwart supporter of the Dodgers, often spotted at Dodger Stadium. His endorsement of the baseball franchise was so fervent that he even sported a Dodger blue hat during the 2009 National League Championship Series against his hometown Philadelphia Phillies. 

Kobe Bryant: A Dodgers Fan at Heart

While Bryant’s accolades on the basketball court are well-documented, his love for the Dodgers also found him participating in notable baseball events. He was invited to announce the Dodgers’ starting lineup before Game 4 of the 2018 World Series against the Boston Red Sox. Additionally, in 2013, he was a special guest of former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda. His connection with the team was so strong that he threw the commemorative first pitch following his first championship with the Lakers in 2000.

How to Obtain the Kobe Bryant-themed Jerseys

The Kobe Bryant-themed jerseys will be distributed on September 1, when the Dodgers host the Atlanta Braves. These collector’s items are available to fans who purchase their tickets through a special event package on the team’s official website.

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Conclusion of Dodgers Celebrate Kobe Bryant with Special Jerseys

In previous years, the Dodgers have organized Lakers Night on August 24, an intentional choice to honor Bryant’s two Lakers numbers. However, this year, the Dodgers will be away, facing the Cleveland Guardians on that date. Therefore, the team decided to honor Kobe’s legacy during the home game against the Braves.


Q: What are the Dodgers doing to honor Kobe Bryant?

A: The Dodgers are honoring Kobe Bryant by distributing Kobe Bryant-themed jerseys on Lakers Night.

Q: What do the Kobe Bryant-themed jerseys look like?

A: The Kobe Bryant-themed jerseys are black, representing the ‘Black Mamba’, with the Dodgers’ script logo on the chest, Bryant’s No. 8 on the front, and No. 24 on the back.

Q: When will the Kobe Bryant-themed jerseys be given away?

A: The Kobe Bryant-themed jerseys will be distributed on September 1, during the Dodgers’ home game against the Atlanta Braves.




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