Decoding Tori Kelly’s Hypothetical Battle with Blood Clots

Decoding Tori Kelly’s Hypothetical Battle with Blood Clots: Tori Kelly, the 30-year-old Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter, was recently hospitalized following a significant health scare. The star was taken to Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles after she reportedly fainted during a dinner with friends due to rapidly increasing heart rate. Tori Kelly is now receiving intensive care for severe blood clots, as reported by TMZ.

A Fateful Dinner in Downtown Los Angeles

 According to TMZ, the harrowing incident occurred while Tori Kelly was having dinner with friends in downtown Los Angeles on a Sunday night. The singer began to complain about a rapidly accelerating heart rate and suddenly passed out. The emergency services were promptly alerted and she was rushed to the nearby Cedars-Sinai hospital.

A Fight Against Severe Blood Clots

Upon arrival at the hospital, the medical professionals initiated immediate testing on Tori Kelly. TMZ reported that the doctors discovered blood clots in the singer’s legs and lungs. In addition, they are working relentlessly to investigate whether any clots have formed around her heart. Billboard attempted to reach out to Tori Kelly’s representatives for a confirmation of these events and any additional information regarding her health status.

Tori Kelly’s Soaring Career: A Look Back

Before this unfortunate turn of events, Tori Kelly had been enjoying a flourishing career in music. Managed by SB Projects, she recently signed a deal with Epic Records. Tori Kelly had just released her first single with the new label, “Missin U,” along with its Y2K-inspired music video, in March. The song samples Craig David’s 2000 single “Fill Me In,” and it marked Tori Kelly’s return to the music scene after her 2019 album Inspired by True Events and her 2020 Christmas special, A Tori Kelly Christmas. 

In 2019, Tori Kelly won the Grammy for Best Gospel Album for her sophomore album, Hiding Place, and Best Gospel Performance/Song for “Never Alone”. The talented artist, Tori Kelly, has made quite a name for herself in the music industry.

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Conclusion of Decoding Tori Kelly’s Hypothetical Battle with Blood Clots

Tori Kelly expressed her eagerness to get back on the road in an interview with People following the release of “Missin U.” She mentioned the heartbreak she experienced having to cancel her world tour due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tori Kelly was anticipating the thrill of touring again, of reuniting with her fans, and performing her songs live. However, the current medical circumstances might put a temporary halt to those plans.


Q: Who is Tori Kelly?

A: Tori Kelly is a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter who recently faced a significant health scare involving severe blood clots.

Q: What happened to Tori Kelly?

A: Tori Kelly reportedly passed out while having dinner with friends due to an accelerated heart rate. She was then taken to Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles.

Q: What was Tori Kelly’s diagnosis?

A: Tori Kelly has been diagnosed with severe blood clots in her legs and lungs. Doctors are further investigating to see if there are any clots around her heart.

Q: What is Tori Kelly’s recent work in music?

A: Tori Kelly recently released a single called “Missin U” with Epic Records. It was her first new music since 2019’s Inspired by True Events and 2020’s A Tori Kelly Christmas.



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