Angela Simmons Net Worth:Unveiling the Businesswoman & TV Star’s Wealth

Angela Simmons Net Worth: Angela Simmons, a renowned American businesswoman and reality TV star, has amassed a considerable net worth of $7 million. Her wealth stems from various successful ventures, including her role as the co-owner of Pastry Footwear, a company she shares with her sister Vanessa Simmons. Additionally, Angela is the daughter of hip-hop legend Rev Run, further adding to her influential background.

Early Life and Education

Born on September 18, 1987, in Queens, New York, Angela Simmons grew up in a family deeply rooted in the music industry. Her father, Joseph Simmons, known as Reverend Run, played a pivotal role in the influential rap group Run DMC. Angela is one of six children born to Joseph and Valerie Vaughn. Following her parents’ divorce, her father remarried Justine Simmons.

Angela briefly attended the Fashion Institute of Technology but decided to drop out to pursue her business aspirations.


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Career and Achievements & Angela Simmons Net Worth

Angela Simmons gained widespread recognition as part of the MTV reality show “Run’s House,” where she and her family were featured starting from 2005. She also starred alongside her sister Vanessa in the MTV reality show “Daddy’s Girls.” Angela’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to secure a magazine deal with Word Up Magazine, resulting in the creation of Angela’s Rundown. Furthermore, she established her lifestyle brand, Angela I Am, providing a platform of support and encouragement for aspiring young artists venturing into business.

Beyond television and publishing, Angela Simmons made notable appearances in the music video “Shortie Like Mine” by Bow Wow. In 2007, together with her sister Vanessa, she launched Pastry Footwear under the umbrella of Run Athletics. The brand’s initial collection, called Cake, featured shoe designs inspired by mouth-watering treats like strawberry shortcake and red velvet cake. Pastry Footwear achieved remarkable success, generating over $15 million in sales during its first year.

Angela Simmons’ influence extended to the media industry, with appearances in renowned publications such as People, Essence, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Vibe, US Weekly, and Life & Style. She also showcased her talent and personality on notable talk shows like Fox Business, The Wendy Williams Show, Good Day NY, and Access Hollywood. As an advocate for charitable causes, Angela assumed the role of an ambassador for the Children’s Miracle Network.


Angela Simmons’ Personal Life

Aside from her professional endeavors, Angela Simmons actively supports causes related to animal welfare and child education. As a vegetarian, she promotes ethical and compassionate living. Her clothing lines, Foofi and Bella, provide fur-free alternatives, aligning with her dedication to animal rights.

In terms of relationships, Angela dated rapper Skillz from 2009 to 2010. Subsequently, she embarked on a romantic journey with Romeo Miller, with whom she shared the screen in the reality TV show “Growing Up Hip Hop,” a series she also executive produced. Angela surprised her social media followers when she revealed her engagement to Sutton Tennyson in April 2016, along with a photo showcasing her engagement ring. However, the relationship ended in 2017, although they remained friends. Tragically, Sutton Tennyson was fatally shot outside his Atlanta home on November 3, 2018, leaving behind their son, Sutton Joseph.

Conclusion Of Angela Simmons Net Worth

Angela Simmons has established herself as a prominent figure in the business world, with her net worth reaching an impressive $7 million. As a successful businesswoman, reality TV star, and advocate for charitable causes, she continues to make her mark in various industries while inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs and artists alike.


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