2023 Senior Open Weather Chaos & Justin Thomas

2023 Senior Open Weather Chaos & Justin Thomas: In the world of golf, the conditions at the Royal Porthcawl Golf Course in Wales during the 2023 Senior Open Championship have become the talk of the town. Extreme weather has gripped the course, making for an unusually challenging tournament. Among the intrigued onlookers is Justin Thomas, whose fascination with the weather’s impact on the game is evident.

Unforgiving Weather Wreaks Havoc

The Senior Open’s participants have found themselves up against formidable weather conditions. With constant winds clocking at 14mph and gusts soaring to 29mph, the players have been struggling to keep control of their shots. The conditions have been so harsh that none of the 70 players were able to break par during the second round. These conditions, though brutal for the players, have turned the tournament into a captivating spectacle, especially for Justin Thomas.

Justin Thomas’s Joyful Observation

Though he couldn’t compete in the 3M Open, Justin Thomas has been following the Senior Open with intense interest. His joy at watching the seasoned players battle the weather was expressed in a tweet, where he wrote, “Not gonna lie, I can’t stop watching the #SeniorOpen… A PROPER links golf weather day. It is absolute carnage for those guys and (I’m sorry) it is fun to watch haha.”

Competition Intensifies Amidst Adversity

The tournament’s severe weather conditions are testing even the most skilled golfers. Making par has become a feat, let alone striving for birdies or eagles. Alex Čejka, currently leading with a score of +3, is facing stiff competition as the third round unfolds.

Players’ Attitudes and Adaptations

Despite the weather’s relentless pressure, many players, including those who finished at +6, have shown a positive attitude. Steven Alker, who lead after the first two rounds, even described the weather as “fun,” telling BBC, “I’ve had two days just plodding away, trying to take my chances when I could. I love playing links golf and I am relishing it to be honest.”

Notable Performances Amid Challenges

Some players have managed to perform admirably under the extreme conditions. Seven golfers, including big names like Padraig Harrington, Vijay Singh, Paul Lawrie, Paul Broadhurst, and Anders Hansen, maintained scores under par during the second round.

Scottish Debutant’s Success and Weather’s Continued Wrath

Scotland’s Greig Hutcheon has been an exciting presence at the tournament, sitting in third place after the first three rounds. His Senior major debut has been commendable. As for the weather, there’s no sign of improvement, ensuring that the gnarly conditions will persist, challenging the players’ skills and strategies.

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Conclusion of 2023 Senior Open Weather Chaos & Justin Thomas

The 2023 Senior Open Championship has evolved into more than just a golf tournament; it’s a battle against nature. The extreme weather has added a layer of unpredictability and excitement to the competition, drawing attention from golf enthusiasts like Justin Thomas. The resilience, adaptability, and even joy shown by the players in such difficult conditions underscore the extraordinary skill and character required in the sport of golf. This year’s Senior Open is not just a game but a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence, even in the face of “absolute carnage.” It’s a sporting event that will likely be remembered for both its challenges and the remarkable performances that have emerged in response to them.



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